New BWidgets Feature

From: Monika Holzammer (
Date: 12/05/03

Date: Fri, 05 Dec 2003 11:14:31 +0100


I'm using BWidgets for creating a user interface for a
test system.
Among other things this user interfaces shows and
handles data presented as a tree (which I have realized
by BWidgets). By this I have to be able to show a
context menu when the mouse is clicked upon the
BWidgets tree. This means I need a binding not only for
the text or the image of a node but for the entire tree

I made a litte enhancement in the module tree.tcl which
offers me the command
$tree bindArea $event $script

I added the following lines:
< # - Tree::bindArea
< #
< # Command Tree::bindArea (added by MHO - Sigos GmbH)
< #
< proc Tree::bindArea { path event script } {
< bind $path.c $event $script
< }

I think this enhancement is useful for all users of
BWidgets and therefore I would be encouraged, if you
could take this enhancement over into the next version
of BWidgets.

I have already posted this issue on SourceForge, but got no reaction
till now.

Best regards
Monika Holzammer


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