Re: Socket help...

From: Donal K. Fellows (
Date: 12/09/03

Date: 9 Dec 2003 07:59:15 -0800

Bigdakine wrote:
> Gerald Lester wrote:
>> You are going to have to give us more details of the protocol, i.e.
>> format of the packets.
> I think the packets are pretty simple; just one or two characters at a time.
>> And what you mean by a reset.
> A TCP packet with the RST flag set.

Whoah! This isn't going anywhere! Can we RST this conversation and
start over?

To offer specific advice we need a protocol description; if it is a
standard protocol, just telling us the name would be enough (we could
look it up in an RFC or at least use Google) but if not, we'll need a
fair bit of detail. In particular, the "RST flag" is extremely
unintuitive. Are you referring to manipulating the lower levels of
TCP in some bizarre way, or are you talking about some higher-level
construct which you've not yet revealed to us in full? Are you aware
that TCP is not a packet-based transport mechanism, but rather a
stream-based transport (at least at the higher level)? Are you also
aware that your above description of the protocol "just one or two
characters at a time" is deeply unhelpful? It's not like we can even
figure out how many bytes that corresponds to, since in general a
character won't fit into a byte.