Re: Another text widget question

From: Roy Terry (
Date: 12/11/03

Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2003 05:12:35 GMT

Derek Fountain wrote:
> I'm somewhat baffled by the text widget's wrap handling.
> I have a couple of paragraphs which I want to insert into a text widget. If
> I insert one long line, with no newlines embedded in it, the "-wrap word"
> option makes things look pretty and the margins work as I want. But the
> cursor handling doesn't work properly. Pressing down arrow makes the cursor
> jump down to the next paragraph. The only way to use the keyboard to
> navigate to the centre of my paragraph seems to be to lean on the right
> arrow key for a while and wait for the cursor to move its way into the
> text.
> If I embed \n chars in my text, the arrow keys work as expected, but now the
> word wrapping doesn't work properly. The lines really do end where the
> newlines are. Adding text which makes a line go off the left side of the
> window causes the end word to wrap onto a line on itself.
> All this makes sense from a programmer's point of view, and is at least
> predictable, but it makes for crap usability in either case! What am I
> doing wrong?
Alas, you are doing nothing wrong. There are workarounds to these
standard behaviors. see the wiki starting here

Also there have been recent enhancements to make this all
work a bit better - look to 8.5 I think for those.