Re: Sourceforge TCL foundry links

From: rob loggia (
Date: 12/18/03

Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2003 00:35:54 GMT

On Wed, 17 Dec 2003 11:14:28 +0000, David N. Welton wrote:

> (Donal K. Fellows) writes:
>> It is unfortunately the case that I feel the fold is going off in a
>> stupid direction all too often. If we're going to be lemmings, let
>> us at least figure out a parachute before chasing the rest of the
>> herd.
> Linux, and open source in general are going in a lot of different
> directions, be they servers, desktops (eventually), embedded,
> industrial, scientific, and so on. On the server, it's a runaway
> success. People continue to downplay the Linux desktop, but despite
> problems, it continues to move forward. Just like Tcl, you can't kill
> it by taking the company away from it. There is a large, diverse
> comunity involved in all these directions, and it wouldn't hurt us to
> be more involved with that "scene" or scenes.

However, there are several obstacles to this involvement that need to be
addressed before real progress could be made. I have ideas on this but am
holding my tounge for the time being. I *really* don't want to step on any
toes here...

That being said, Linux has momentum that could greatly benefit TCL. Its
popping up everywhere, and people are beginning to see its strengths and
realize that they can live without certain things to have a computer that
crashes less and uses its resources better. In one respect, TCL has a
head start here: it has been included by default in most distributions
(though mangled by some), the X kernel configuration system uses TK, much
of the kernel is developed on Bitkeeper, itself TK based (last I looked).
Then there are the ties with UNIX, the platform TCL was born on.