Re: dqkit - Got it, now what?

From: Wojciech Kocjan (
Date: 04/24/04

Date: Sat, 24 Apr 2004 00:16:17 +0200

Craig wrote:
> I'm a newbee to the Tclkit/Starkits/Starpacks convention, but I need
> to get up and running rather quickly. I've previously had great
> success with Prowrap, but since Prowrap can't handle BLT too well,
> I've decided to go the dqkit route.

Nice to hear that someone wants to use dqkit :-)

> What downloads do I need (e.g. - tclkit, sdx, starkit, etc.)?
> How do I get dqkit to be like tclkit (i.e. - a stand-along
> executiable, or is that not the way dqkit works) or what do I need to
> do to dqkit to get up and running?

Dqkit works the same way - ie it is an equivalent to tclkit when you
build with '-tcl -tk -itcl' options. Otherwise it can be compatible, but
does not have to.

> I've downloaded so far sdx and two versions of dqkit -
> dqkit-sources-0.4-core.tar & dqkit-sources-0.4.tar. What's the
> difference between these two dqkit's?

-core does not include all the addons, like BLT. My guess is that you
should just unpack dqkit-sources-0.4.tar.

tclsh gen/buildkit build -tcl -tk -blt
(yes, it does need Tcl installed to build dqkit :-)

> I'm running unix 2.8 on Solaris box ...
> Hey, also does dqkit (or for that matter tclkit) handle Expect?

Not really - never needed it. But my guess is that it could be done.
Have a look at parts/sqlite.tcl or any other script, add an equivalent
as parts/expect.tcl and build with -expect option.

Expect is pretty much an extension, so it should compile to .a pretty
easily. If it is a TEA extension, there shouldn't be any problems.