Re: TIP #188: Add 'string is wide' to the 'string is' Subcommand

From: Mike Tuxford (
Date: 04/27/04

Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2004 02:11:29 GMT

Bruce Hartweg <> wrote:
:Mike Tuxford wrote:
:> Darren New <> wrote:
:> :Kevin Kenny wrote:
:> :> The *string* command supports tests for a number of Tcl's basic types,
:> :> for example, integers, doubles, and booleans. This TIP proposes adding
:> :> wide integers.
:> :
:> :Perhaps [string is wideint] might be a better name. For example, when I
:> :first looked at the title, I thought it would be testing for wide
:> :characters, i.e., outside the ASCII 7-bit range.
:> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
:> Myself, I'd like one of those. Currently I am doing like this:
:> scan $char %c num
:> if {$num>31 && $num<127} {
:> or am I just missing something?
:string is ascii
:string is print
:string is control

  Yeah, but doesn't fit my needs. If it fails the [if] then control
flows to:

    } else {
      switch -- $num {
        2 { # ^B routine }
        3 { # ^C routine }

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 //\/\ike ||uxford

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