Re: expect to telnet and running and unknow script

Did you try expect -d and see what exact string was sent when you did
send -- "/mysoftware/bin/Uninstall*\r"


On 3/30/05 7:40 AM, in article
1112197212.393057.196790@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "canuk"
<shawn.belaire@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Have a bit of trouble
> Need to be able to telnet to a system and the run a script that may
> have different names
> Ideal would be send -- "/mysoftware/bin/Uninstall*\r"
> can't get that working, send appear to muck it up
> ok
> send -- "find /mysoftware -name "Uninstall*" -exec {} \;\r"
> Noop that does not work, any suggestion?
> The first appears to be send, but the script is new run, gues tha the
> globbing in the shell does not happen
> Thanks


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