Re: Tcl Style Guide

bgeer wrote:
As someone who recently learned as much TCL as I needed by reading Tk
"widget" & other demo programs, the "...should know..." statement is

Cool! As the person currently in charge of looking after "widget" and its friends, do you (or anyone else) have any suggestions? I've tried to cover as many different cool things as possible, but I always welcome constructive feedback. Note that the current version (not sure if it is fully released yet) provides demos of more advanced features as well, such as animation. (Feel free to contact me directly if you prefer.)

Not everyone has a book handy.
Not everyone has a bookstore handy that carries a TCL book.
Not everyone has the Internet handy at their work location.
Not everyone is an instant memorizer.
Some people learn best by reading code.

Therefore, anything that makes code easy to read & understand without
such "...should know..." is the best policy.

I'd add to that list:

  Not everyone likes reading poorly formatted code. :^)

Just because I *do* have books handy, work just opposite a reasonable
bookstore, have the 'net piped directly to my desk, and have most of the
core features fairly well in my mind, does not mean that I want to look
at ugly code. I get enough of that from students and cow-orkers...