Re: How to create a VB dll for TCL usage ?

<fjean@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Hi,
> I am a good VB programmer but I do not
> know TCL ; I search the newsgroups but
> without an answer to my question..
> Here is the thing, I need to create a
> VB DLL (yes it must be VB!) :-)
> for a TCL application to access it..
> I then created an ActiveX DLL using VB 6.0 and
> here are the two functions that are
> exposed:
> Public Function Send(pszCommand As String) As Boolean
> ...
> Public Function Receive() As String
> ...
> I read about TCOM but i am not sure if that is
> what I need to use...I did not find any documentation
> either.
> Can someone tell me what are my options and
> where to start from here ?

For starters:
There is documentation for TCOM available as part of the ActiveState TCL
package. Also is some info on how to use TCOM with Active X components.

>From that page you can also find documentation, including info on TCOM.