Re: Spaces in filename

On 04/18/05 19:00, lvirden@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
According to Schelte Bron <nospam@xxxxxxxxxx>:
:On 04/18/05 12:35, lvirden@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
:> According to maxima2k <rh10023@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
:> :I am unable to figure out to create the double quotes I need. :> Try something like this:
:> :> $ tclsh
:> puts [format "zip -r \"%s\" \"%s\"" [file join intrepid samba $] [file join c:
:"Documents and Settings" mydir "My Documents" *.*] ]
:> :I'm not on Windows but I think you should do something closer to this:
:puts [format {zip -r "\\%s\%s" "%s"} intrepid \
: [file nativename [file join samba hahmpc9bakup ­ryh-$]] \
: [file nativename [file join "c:/Documents and Settings" mydir \
: "My Documents" *.*]]]

Hmm - why do you hard code the backslashes for intrepid? Is it something special? If so, then perhaps the window users know what special thing should be done to avoid hard coding those backslashes - the whole purpose of those special file minor commands was so that the developer never had to hard code slashes or backslashes, I thought.

Intrepid appears to be a machine name, not part of the path. I assume file join would join them togetether into a single backslash, giving something with a completely different meaning.

The file minor commands are only for local files, I think. Like I said, I'm not on Windows so I can't really check.

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