Re: concurrend tcl evaluation

MartinLemburg@UGS wrote:
> How does the tcl interpreter work, that he doesn't become confused of
> working on a script, and than suddenly he has to evaluate something
> different, to come back afterwards to continue evaluating the script?

The routines Tcl_SaveResult() / Tcl_RestoreResult() are used
appropriately to keep "concurrent" uses of a Tcl_Interp from
stomping on each other.

Note that code written for Tcl 8.5 should prefer to use
Tcl_SaveInterpState() / Tcl_RestoreInterpState().

> Can this "concurring" tcl evaluations influence each other?

If third-party C code fails to use the above routines properly, yes.
That's a bug that would need fixing.

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