Re: help on exe

<suchodj@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote
> i have a c/c++ (visual studio 6.0) extension that i want to
> go along with a tcl/tk script.
> as far i have made à starkit and put into myfile.vfs the c/c++
> extension. My tcl/tk script copies out to C:/ this extension,
> then has it executed and deletes it from C:/. it works fine But I
> must deploy more than one file. if i want to wrap to starpack
> it does not work anymore.

If you've got a C/C++ extension in a tclkit, then you shouldn't need to copy
it out to execute it. The starkit takes care of that for you. Just put the
binary extension (.dll) and pkgIndex.tcl into the starkit's lib directory.
And the starpack is supposed to work just like the starkit.

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