Re: help on exe

Hello Gerald
your solution
[file dirname [info executable]]
works well and my starpacks do what i need them to do.

however under "C:/documents and settings" it does not
work. Any idea ?? I thought it was due to the blanks in the string ??
anyway on several computers it works on all directories but not
this precise one !!!

thanks a lot again.

On Sun, 07 Aug 2005 08:02:27 -0500, "Gerald W. Lester"
<Gerald.Lester@xxxxxxx> wrote:

>Do you have a C extension that you want to package with your Tcl program?
>Or do you just want to package your Tcl program as an executable?
>suchodj@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> Hello
>> i am new to tcl/tl (few months) please be indulgent.
>> i am on windows xp family with tcl/tk 8.4.7
>> is there a simpler way than stubs or swig to pack
>> an *.exe and then have it executed in starpack and/or starkit ?
>> if not, where and how can i learn the precise mechanism
>> of stubs or swig in order to be able to go ahead (with code
>> exemples !!!)
>> thank you in advance
>> friendly
>> jerome


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