Re: XBM files ...

Cassy wrote:
Thanks sometime when you are working too hard, you have to take a break
and thing with a cool mind, with all of your help I have almost
completed my GUI and application. :o)

1. But you still didn't answer my question of how to know by default
the bitmaps present within TCL/TK package.

Read the man/help page on the label command (or other command that takes the -bitmap option).

Although you are not limited to the built in ones, nor do they have to be a file.

2. Also the rectangle problem for the node of my tree, how can I draw a
rectangle around a node when clicked on it.

As far as I know you can not draw a box around the entire node. You can make it look like you have a box around the image by changing the image when the node is selected.

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