Re: Finding packages

Lets talk a little about infrastructure...

Joe English wrote:

<URL: >

I could even live with the name. ;-)

I think an easy to remember URL is *very* important. As a Perl
developer you know to search for modules on, not on For php you
search for packages on, and everyone knows this. Why
should it be more complicated for Tcl?

Joe, do you think it is possible to register as
subdomain to and move your site to this domain? Respectively -
do you like this idea?

Good idea -- any ideas for how this could be best presented?

For the start, the simple descriptions on a common url (
;-) would do. But to make the maintenance of packages with descriptions
and features easy in the long term, a more or less sophisticated web
application should be built, with database backend (could be metakit,
maybe) and dynamic content, search and so on. Part of this application
should be a package registration system, which provides entry
capabilities for features & descriptions and enforces or at least
encourages the upload for binary builts and .kit files.
It is much work to build such a system, but the outcome would be very
helpful and attract new developers to Tcl. If the work is split on
several interrested individuals working together as a team, that would
make the task easier as a whole. I would like to participate as well.
As webapp framework a Tcl solution should take place - Rivet, Tclhttpd
with the tml templating system or websh, or AOL server - I don't know
which is best (although my favourite would be Rivet)...