Re: [TCL] Help debugging behavior in new source command

Andrew Falanga wrote:
Don Porter wrote:
In article <443e700e$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Andrew Falanga wrote:
I'm working on a new source command that will manage a list of loaded
libraries for me. The code for the new source command is:
Let us count the opportunities for improvement...

I never claimed to be the best :-)

rename source _source

proc source { pathToFile } {
global libraryIndex
if { ![file exists $pathToFile] } {
Log "File: $pathToFile does not exist"
Process exit is a pretty severe reaction to a missing file.
Sure that's what you want?

In this case, I'm pretty sure that is what I want. I'm typically going
to be sourcing in libraries and if I can't find them, the script won't
run anyway.

except you are replacing a commonly used command that may be used
by other bits of code you don't control, so you should match the
behavior of the original command - which is to throw an error -
not exit. Perhaps you will use a library that has multiple
implementations and is coded to handle it by trying to source
a file, and if that fails alls back to another one, suddenly
it now exits instead. the proper place to add the exit is in
your application code that *calls* source - there is where the determination if the error is fatal or not is appropriate.