Re: My Tk9 was: (Re: Why is update embedded in Bwidgets and Iwidgets?)

George Peter Staplin wrote:
Note: I fully expect scoffers and doubters to discount this project.
It's not for them. If you want Tile, use Tile. While I greatly
appreciate Ousterhout's original design, I think I can improve upon it.

I for one am not discounting what you're up to. I'm not quite convinced
that you're right to reject idle handling of geometry management so
much (having worked with the alternatives in other toolkits) but if we
can get a better underlying graphical engine for Tk that will be a
definite plus, and I greatly hope that you are more successful in this
regard than the TkGS effort that petered out a few years ago. I await
further developments with bated breath.