Re: fooled by shifting date

Michael Schlenker wrote:
Alexandre Ferrieux schrieb:

Nasty, eh ?

It could be fixed by using something along the lines of "count of
jiffies since boot", which is completely decorrelated from (shifting)
"absolute" times...
The problem, of course, being portability: gettimeofday() is pretty
broadly supported, while to my knowledge "count of jiffies" is a
nightmare of OS dependency (name, type, resolution...).
But considering the small number of remaining OSes nowadays, it may be
worth it.

Ideas ?

Lots of stuff fails if your clocks go out of sync (kerberos,...), so the
basic solution for this usually is a network time services to keep the
local clock in sync.

Sync with an NTP server doesn't help when Daylight Savings Time hits
where my app dies* for a whole hour. But you're right to note that Tcl
is not the only software to die from this, lots of other stuff can't
properly handle it. Wouldn't it be nice if Tcl could?

* Note: Well, they would die if I'm further north or south from where I
am. But since I'm on the Equator this problem doesn't affect me as much.