Re: rlogin via expect mysteriously aborts when run from cron

Ronald Fischer wrote:
So what could be the reason for this strange behaviour? Could
there be some kind of timeout be involved, which kills the
connection? Alternatively, could it be that cron collects output
only up to a certain amount, and if the application produces
more, it is killed?

The last one would explain why sometimes the commands seem to
be "cut in the middle"; due to the complexity of the rlogin
stuff, it is well possible that on successive invocations,
always a different amount of output is produced. OTOH, the man
pages for cron don't mention such a restriction.

Any ideas on this?

No clue. I would definitely try 'strace -f -o /tmp/mybug.tra myjob' in
the crontab entry.
This way you'll know what exactly is the killer (a signal or a silent
exit after an error).



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