Re: variable substitution within quotes in braces

On May 4, 8:43 am, abhilasha21 <> wrote:
Hi All ,

I have been trying to find a way to substitute a variable within
quotes within braces..
eg : i need to pass following string as an argument to a procedure.


I want to assign ' xyz:abc...@xxxxxxxx' to a variable say abhi.

so my string should look like :
{<ab:max><ab:mid="$abhi"/></wyty:ert>} .

Can anyone please help me to solve this trick in TCl..?

Thanks in advance ...

Does this answer your question?

% set x xyz:abc123@xxxxxxxx
% set y {<ab:max><ab:mid="$x"/></wyty:ert>}
% set z [subst -nocommands $y]

If not, maybe the following does:

% set y {{<ab:max><ab:mid="$x"/></wyty:ert>}}
% set z [subst -nocommands $y]