Re: windows tcl/tk bug does not appear under Wine

billposer@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
I sent a friend a Starpack so that he could test a program under MS
Windows. When he ran it, he encountered the old bug in which assigning
a hexadecimal number like 0xFF to a scale variable (not "scalar", but
the variable named in the -variable option of a scale widget) fails
because 0xFF is interpreted as non- numeric. I've encountered this
before and fixed it (by using decimal), but evidently hadn't changed
it here. The MS Windows runtime I used turned out to be tcl 8.4.9, so
it makes sense that the bug would turn up when running the Starpack
but not on my Linux systems since they have 8.4.14 or later. The weird
thing is that when I run the same
Starpack under Linux using Wine I get no such error. I don't see how
that is possible. The Tcl that is running under Wine is 8.4.9, not the
later Linux version, so the bug should appear when running under Wine
just as it does on a real Windows system.

Does anyone understand how this could happen?

My guess is that when running in the Wine environment, the program calls
a different strtod() routine that leads to the divergent behavior.

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