Re: best tcl ide?

Michael Reichenbach wrote:
Seams I didn`t miss any other big professional products.

Right now I find the Komodo ide trial better then eclipse. Why? Komodo
has source code completion and syntax tooltips.

Just one more question. Tcl Dev Kit and Tcl Pro is just Komodo ide
bundled with tcl tools (debugger/compiler)? Or is this a hole other ide?

The bundle of Tcl Dev Kit and Komodo is ActiveTcl Pro Studio, which also provides you a subscription to O'Reilly's online bookshelf. While the Tcl Dev Kit has its own debugger, it has no editor. Tcl Dev Kit is a suite of tools to assist in development, whereas Komodo is a feature-rich IDE that supports multiple languages (Tcl included, and it does it very well). Included in the tools suite are a debugger, static syntax checker, cross-reference code analyzer, code coverage and hotspot analyzer, runtime inspector, single-file executable wrapper and a couple more tools to boot.