Re: Max Command Length in Tcl

On Jul 4, 9:11 pm, Amit Zaroo <> wrote:
Hi all,

Is there Anything as a max command length in Tcl?

I have just ran a piece of code which is run on 2 lists. Basically a
list merge operation and Tcl came out with a core.

I suspect that the command length is to be blamed (either that or
regexp has a limit)

The command is given below

lsearch -all -inline -regexp $list1 [string map [list $string ""]
^[join $list2 $|^]$ ]

I can send the stack trace if requested.
The size of the 2 lists is very large (a modest estimate is 80K chars
per list)

Please file a bug ticket (with the stack trace attached) at
sourceforge [*]. Do tell us the Tcl version and OS, and include
contact information if you do not log into SF - much better if you do
login though, as you'll get automatic email on all ticket changes.


[*] The bug tracker is at