Re: Thoughts about {*} operator

Googie wrote:
I would prefer (to minimalize obscure characters) to call:
x $#a

What we've got is not the best, just the least worst given that we have to use a former syntax error if we are to introduce it in 8.5. Your suggestion has a few problems:

1) It only applies to variables, but the official syntax may expand a
word regardless of how it was arrived at.

2) It's just a new interpretation of what was foolish but legal
syntax, and not an actual syntax error. For example:

% info patchlevel
% set #a b
% puts $#a

The expansion syntax and semantics were argued over immensely for years.
What we now have has exactly right semantics (and they're efficiently
implemented too) and syntax which doesn't suck too badly. We're not
going to reopen the can of worms.