Re: exec trouble

Thanks Uwe. Your response made me look into another direction:

Indeed a tclsh, launched from a terminal behaves as expected. However,
if the command is issued from a tkcon console which was launched from
the KDE panel, the error message as I specified in my previous message,
is returned.

The crucial difference appears to be whether the process that issues the
firefox invocation (tclsh, tkcon, wish app, ...), has a controlling
terminal or not. If it is launched from the KDE panel, it doesn't unless
one explicitly indicates otherwise:

If I toggle the checkbutton for "run in a terminal window" in the KDE
panel option, then tkcon is launched with a controlling terminal, and
the firefox invocation succeeds as expected.

I hope that my idiom has been appropriate, because I'm not at all
familiar with terminals. consoles, background/foreground processes.

Is there anybody out there who is more experienced in this area, and who
can explain the behaviour that I observe, and possibly if this behaviour
is to be expected, or if it is a bug (on the part of firefox or Tcl or ...).

Thanks in advance,


For all clarity, here is how to reproduce the error:
1. launch firefox
2. launch tkcon "without a controlling terminal", e.g. from the panel of
your desktop (I use KDE). You do this by leaving the panel option "run
in a terminal window" unchecked.
3. issue at the prompt:
exec /usr/bin/firefox -remote openUrl(,new-tab)

Launching tkcon in step 2 with a terminal attached, will produce the
desired, non-erroneous behaviour.
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