Re: vfs::http partially implemented?

O/H Gerald W. Lester έγραψε:
Georgios Petasis wrote:
Hi all,

I am trying to implement a facility that downloads all files stored in a folder, that is exposed through apache in http. I thought that it will be a good idea to use tclvfs for this, but I think that the implementation is still incomplete?

This came up on the TkChat yesterday, and it was indicated that the implementation was not 100% complete -- but all that was mentioned as missing was pipelines, so I'm not positive is this a missing implementation or a bug.

For example, I can mount a a url as directory, but I cannot cd into it.
Also, glob does not work, even if I provide a url of a file.
The only part that seems to work, is to open a file in the mounted directory: in this case the file is downloaded locally, and a memchan is created from it.

Any ideas?

Chat with Pat about it.

I have spent some time and saw the code (included in ActiveTcl 8.4.18), and the implementation for performing glob with patterns was totally missing. I have started to do something simple there (like parsing the html that corresponds to the "directory" to get the links), but I don't know how I am supposed to form the code to be compatible with the rest of the package (in order to submit it as a patch :-) )

Also, I tried to use vfs::webdav. But this does not run in both ActiveTcl 8.4/8.5, as it requires http 2.6, which is not available in ActiveTcl :-(