Re: BLT overhaul (was: Tcl development priorities (was: gzip/zlib in Tcl))

On 6 Mai, 08:43, Alexandre Ferrieux <alexandre.ferri...@xxxxxxxxx>
Can you give details on which of these improvements you're after
exactly ?
Indeed, part of them may already be covered by the lighter-weight
hashtable glue in Dicts.

Well, BLT defines an in-memory hash table that is build upon the Tcl
hash table (as it were back in perhaps 2002 or 2004). The source file
(bltHash.c) states, that it adds pool allocation 64-bit address
handling and an improved array hash function.

TIP 69 (written by the BLT author back in 2001) wants to do all this
(and perhaps more?). Now, if this can be achieved with the
implementation used by BLT and brings some advantages to Tcl, why not
promote this TIP?

bltHash.c is one of the BLT source files that includes tclInt.h which
could thus be avoided here. Alas, I do not know C well enough to say
something about the effort needed here and if the comments by dgp in
TIP 69 mean, there is actually nothing to do (i.e. the TIP is