Re: TIP #317: Extend binary Ensemble with Binary Encodings

Kevin Kenny wrote:
USCode wrote:
Thanks Torsten. I think 'bloat' isn't the only concern here but a byproduct of moving things into the core that, while convenient, aren't in the long-term interests of Tcl (In my humble and insignificant opinion of course as since I'm not a member of the TCT, my opinions are merely academic!). Seems as if the Tcl core should provide the key building blocks and infrastructure for building applications but not be choosing the winners & losers of the various compression schemes, encoding schemes, file output types, etc.

So far, so good. But in the Core we use base64 ourselves, and it's
high time that was integrated at the script level. We also *want* to
have access to zlib for embedding virtual filesystems, so that
one is also likely to be bundled. In short, we should plan to
bundle the bits that the Core itself needs for other reasons.

Thanks Kevin. Can you elaborate a bit more on the use of zlib for embedding virtual filesystems?