File open


I used tcl about 10 years ago and yesterday thought of an ideal
application for it in my current job. I have a long list of comma and
line separated words in a c header file that I need to expand. The
source file is of the form:


The output file should be a c array intiailization series:
{parm1, parm1_src, parm1_dst, "parm1"},
{parm2, parm2_src, parm2_dst, "parm2"},

All my previous tcl work was on Unix or linux systems but last night I
tried it on a PC and could not even get the source file open. The
source file is in the same directory as the script I am sourcing: c:/
Top/tcl/bin/work but I could not open it sourcing this script.

set path [file join c: Top tcl bin work a.txt]
set fid [open $path r]

From the wish window a dir cmd shows the file exists and I could open
it from the cmd line. I know there is something funny about Windows
file names but thought file join would take care of it.

So if you could tell me what silly/stupid/ignorant mistake I am making
I would appreciate it.