Re: NexTk 0.5 Release

On May 30, 4:01 pm, George Peter Staplin <georg...@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
As of Thursday May 29, 2008 NexTk 0.5 has been *released!*

NexTk is a powerful toolkit written in Tcl. A window system is
implemented for NexTk. The window system supports alpha transparency
for each window, and rotation of window buffers, with input translation
so that events consider the rotation. Every widget is scripted in Tcl,
with no C required to write widgets. A unique prototype-based
object-oriented system was developed called objstructure for NexTk.
Objstructure provides a wealth of features with a simple API. With
objstructure you can trace changes to widget options, as you would with
the [trace] Tcl command. You can port NexTk to nearly any device
(easily) which has a framebuffer, and an input device of some sort. PNG
and JPEG support is available in the standard nextksh (a wish-like
shell). Freetype is used for rendering antialiased text.

Currently NexTk has been ported to Windows (NT 4 and above), and X11.
It has been compiled and tested in Windows XP, Linux, and OpenBSD.

NexTk uses a 3 clause BSD license, in addition to the licensing
requirements of zlib, libpng, libjpeg, and freetype.

Widgets in the 0.5 release:
ntk_button, ntk_checkbox, ntk_clock, ntk_entry, ntk_frame, ntk_label,
ntk_listbox, ntk_scale, ntk_scrollbar, ntk_spinbox, ntk_toplevel, and

The following geometry managers are available:
ntk_grid, and ntk_panedwindow.

The following widgets are works in progress:
ntk_menu, ntk_notebook, and ntk_text.

The sources in .tar.bz2 format:

The sources in .zip format:

This has a prebuilt nextksh.exe binary with a nextksh.bat that can be
used to run the demos:

This failed CRC. Couldn't be unzipped. The src zip file
above was OK.