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On Jul 10, 5:23 pm, Jeff Hobbs <jeff.ho...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Jul 9, 11:44 pm, USCode <d...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Any word on when ActiveTcl 8.5.3 will be available for download?

We actually have it finished, but are currently holding it back
pending some discussions on distribution. AT 8.5.3 will be the first
"fat" AT 8.5 release. Not as fat as AT 8.4, but with the most popular
modules. This is being done with a pre-seeded teapot repository as
opposed to the 8.4 lib system, which brings up issues like how to
handle being installed in an area with an existing teapot, etc.

Would also be nice if applications like would be easier to
find. It takes quite some guesswork to dig it out of the teapot area
at first...



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