Re: [Windows] executing a configure script from a tcl scrip

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Nicolas Castagne <castagne@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi folks,

I am using tcl to manage the building of the (many) projects that are
involved in my application.

Some of these projects are based on GNU autoconf / automake tools.

I am having problem to launch the configure script from tcl.

I lanch tclsh85 from msys, from the directory where the configure
script is.

Executing :
% exec configure
Produces the error :
couldn't execute "configure": no such file or directory

The best I found is something :
% exec sh -c "configure --with-tcl=e:/developpement/Tcl/lib" >@
stdout 2>@1

However :
1 - since the script is multiplatform, I'd like to get rid of the "sh -
c" command.
How can I run my configure scrip from a tcl script without executing
explicitely sh ?

2 - dunno why, but with "exec sh -c "configure ...", the shell run is
apparently more or less detached : killling the tclsh process does not
kill the child sh process
Perhaps you'd have a tip on this question ?
Is the difference between

exec configure ...

helpful to you?