Re: New Canvas

Mats wrote:

ANNOUNCE: tkpath 0.3.0

tkpath appears to have some kind of a rendering problem, on Linux, with
some versions of cairo. Using cairo 1.2 on OpenSuse 10.3, tkpath
appears to work ok. With cairo 1.4, there are various nasty problems.
You can see an example by running the following script
package require Tk
package require tkpath

set wh 200

pack [tkp::canvas .c -width $wh -height $wh -bg white]

foreach {x y f} {50 50 red 150 50 blue 50 150 magenta 150 150 cyan} {
.c create circle $x $y -r 40 -fill $f
in the absence of bugs, you see 4 circles; with the bug, 3 are

Does anyone see this behaviour with other Linux distributions?
Is anyone running cairo 1.6 on Linux? Does the bug occur?


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