Webservice package over https with authorization

Hi everyone,

I'm having problems with the "Webservice"-package by Gerald Lester. I try to access a sample webservice provided for me via https. For this service I need to authorize with username and password. When I try to invoke

::WS::Client::GetAndParseWsdl $urlToWSDL

I get the error message:

"Unknown URL type 'https...'"

Is there any way to use the Webservice package over https?

My System is:
Tcl 8.5
WebService 1.0.8
tDom 0.8.1
tls 1.6

My guess would be, that I need to establish a connection over https to the server, and authorize myself before I invoke the GetAndParseWsdl command.

Thanks in advance for any answers.

With best reguards
Jens Haines