Re: Proper build mechanism for libraries embedding Tcl

O/H cyan.ogilvie@xxxxxxxxx έγραψε:
I'm building a pam module that embeds a Tcl interp and forwards the
callbacks from PAM to Tcl procs.

Normally what I'd do for a Tcl extension is use a TEA-based build
system, but in this case the output is a .so that is loaded by PAM,
not loaded by something with a Tcl interp already there calling

Is it still valid to use this approach, are there any gotchas to be
wary of (besides little things like disabiling generation of
pkgIndex.tcl and things).



TEA is still valid for this. Foo_Init() is just a function that is exported from the library and is not related to the build process.
In a few words, TEA works even if this function does not exist...


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