Re: Something to consider re ever more byzantine builds

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S M Ryan wrote:
I never did understand the purpose of stubs and why I have to deal with

A stub-enabled extension can be told the location of all (Tcl/Tk)
library calls that it depends on without needing to know about the

I just want to get it compiled without having to study irrelevant code.

details of the library that is supplying those calls. This allows us
to manage the versioning of the ABI better (stub-enabled extensions
don't need to be recompiled when a new version of Tcl comes out) and
also lets us support providing those libraries in non-standard ways
(enabling the tclkit/starkit distribution model).

I saw all this 30 to 20 years ago on 3300s then 6600s with segments, overlays,
capsules, etc.

I'm not even supposed to be here today.