Re: tkpath: Using the 'surface' command

Ian Gay schrieb:
Helmut Giese wrote:

Hello out there,
this weekend should be the time to try out tkpath's surface command to
transform (the content of) a canvas into an image.
However, I don't get very far because the simple script below crashes
(Windows XP, Tcl 8.5.3, tkpath 0.3.1 or 0.3.0).

Has anybody had success in using the surface command under Windows?

I tried to compile tkpath to maybe locate the point where it crashes,
but it couldn't find Gdiplus.h - the reason is probably that I don't
have VC installed on this machine and just cranked up my Borland

I would file a bug report but I couldn't find a place where to do so.

Any further info and/or a link to file a bug report will be greatly
Best regards
Helmut Giese

Crashes for me in Linux, too.



package require tkpath
puts "tkpath version: [package present tkpath]"

pack [tkp::canvas .c -width 400 -height 400 -bg white]
.c create prect 20 20 180 80
set token [tkp::surface new 400 400]
# this crashes
#$token create prect 20 20 180 80

On Linux:Include the version number of
your cairo installation --if you do know that.
Otherwise include the libraries version number:
"libcairo.2.11.6.dylib", for example.

Write a proper test for this crash,
and send this test, together with your bug-report
directly to: Mats Bengtsson <matsben@xxxxxxxxx>

Several test-examples can be found inside the
tkpath test subdirectory (eg. polyline-coords.test).