Re: tkpath pimage bug?

Christian Gollwitzer wrote:


I'm trying to write a program to make slideshows of photographs in
Tcl/Tk. Unexpectedly the biggest problem is the display of the images
itself - they should show in fullscreen, uniformly resized to fill the
screen. Because Tk can't resize imges, I tried tkpath. I got it
working to some extent, but there are bugs, probably coming from
tkpath. I use Activetcl 8.5.4 on Linux und tkpath 0.3.1

A) on the right and bottom border, there remains a bar where the
image isn't displayed - it shows only the black background.

What version of Cairo is on your system? I saw something like this when
using tkpath - although I didn't try images. With cairo 1.4, I saw dead
areas on bottom and right where you can't draw. When I downgraded my
system to cairo 1.2, the problem went away.

Don't know what the cause is - I couldn't see any obvious misuse of
cairo in the tkpath source code.

Has anyone run tkpath on Linux with cairo 1.6? Do similar problems exist


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