Re: tcludp - bug when closing 1-of-2 listening ports

Alexandre Ferrieux schrieb:
OK. First, I cannot reproduce the bug here (XP SP2, ActiveTcl,
tcludp 109 from the teapot). Second, what happens is that your
fileevent handler blocks (since the "udp socket...closed" line doesn't
appear). This in turn explains why the event loop is no longer
responsive afterwards.

Now what is blocking the handler ? It may be [fconfigure] or [close].
Try sprinkling a few [puts] to investigate. But I'm still worried that
the bug is so elusive while I'm supposed to have the exact same
config ! The next step would be to compile Tcl in -g and attach to the
running process once it is locked...


I have installed XP SP3. Does it affect sockets?

Meanwhile I built the debug version with Visual Studio 2008.
To use the was rather complicated, so I set up a native VS2008 project and called it But this did not affect the bug :-(.
Up to now I try to understand, what happend.
My guess is, too, closing one port blocks/disables/removes the fileevent handler for the residual port, for whatever reason.
I hope, I find the reason, when I debug.

BTW, the message "udp socket...closed" line did appear the first time close was called, and "AWAIT_EXIT=1" comes. So the Tcl event handler is still working and waits in the second "vwait AWAIT_EXIT".