Re: hiding global variables

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Alexandre Ferrieux <alexandre.ferrieux@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Nov 4, 3:18 pm, yahalom <yahal...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
No. We bytecompile (using tclcompiler) many scripts and packages and
we have a startup scripts. This means that you could play with
packages and files. maybe a starpack/starkit was better but this is a
big change that is beyond what we want to invest now. Still if you say
that this is the direction to go we might check it in the future.

Surely you realize that in this delicate domain, leaving everything
too wide open is a bit in contradiction with the purpose ;-)
So yes, I'd starpack the part that is "hot" and access it only through
I/O (possibly with a distinct userid through inetd), just like you'd
do with a physical secureID device.


yahalom, it appears that you believe Starpacking "... is
a big change." I suspect you'll find it more rewarding,
and less costly, than you realize. Try a Starpack; I
think you'll like it.

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