Re: Tcl/Fltk 1.0 Released

On Nov 24, 10:40 am, Uwe Klein <uwe_klein_habertw...@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Iain B. Findleton wrote:
On Nov 24, 10:11 am, Googie <n...@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

Iain B. Findleton wrote:

Version 1.0 of the Tcl/Fltk language binding is not available for
i386, X86_64 and ARM 4 platforms.

Didn't you mean "now" instead of "not"? :)

Pozdrawiam! (Regards!)

Indeed I do. Bad typing....Thanks

Hi Iain,

Using Tk on the FreeRunner I had problems
scaling fonts ( i.e. _any_ type/size font
translated to the same too small font )

Does this happen with Fltk as well?

Any other supportive tcl packages
in conjunction to this ipkg?


With the package I released, font scaling works fine on the FR. I have
not looked into the issue with Tk, but I suspect its because the Tk
package was not built using XFT. My packages all use XFT, and the apps
I write routinely scale the fonts to make them more user friendly.

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