Re: tcl/tk wish for seismic data display

On Sep 8, 7:53 pm, Uwe Klein <uwe_klein_habertw...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
selvam wrote:
I would be happy to get your inputs.

Are you looking for an essentially static viewer
or is interactivity with the (plotting) window
a requirement?

if a (predominantly) static viewer:

Would the exporting functionality of SU together
with the image handling stuff in TclTk be a solution?

i.e. export viewer data as jpg,png,...( using the cmd line tools
and then create a Tk image from the file and place it on a
(scrolled) canvas.
Run the image creation via [exec ...], boon: caching of processedimages.

Use bindings on the image for interactivity if required.


Thanks for your support ,

I would like to have interactive that the user can scroll
and can be able to zoom any specific part.