want to call a tcl scrpt from vb.net


Is it possible for me to call a tcl script from a VB.NET
I want to have a few functions included in a tcl file and call the
appropriate ones according to the use?

If yes, how easy or difficult it is?

Any references?

My original requirement is that in a VB.NET application, I wanted to
include certain functions during runtime depending on the user

After a bit of googling, it seems an inpossible option in VB.NET as it
has to be compiled.
Another possible option could have been to define those as DLL's and
use appropriate files. But thats also not so convenient as I want to
allow the user (Designer) to modify the files @ runtime.

Hence I am left with the option of a scripting language.

If I use VB scriting, I think its not possible to have multiple files
in one file !
So I wanted to see if Tcl can do that for me?


Any help is very much appriciated.