Re: Why not see Tcl stand?

On Sep 30, 12:46 pm, Henrique Gusmao <henrique.gus...@xxxxxxxxx>

But why a good project as Visual Tcl has been discontinued?

Well, my first thought of an answer here is "why not ask the person
who discontinued the work on it?" Seldom do people stop by here and
tell us why they no longer plan on working on something.

There have been several programs designed for the dragging and
dropping of widgets. Each have gone through a burst of work, hit a
plateau, and then eventually terminated.

In general, we see lots of people stop in looking for such
applications, then if they return, they often talk either about how
tough the generated code is to maintained and fill out or how much
simpler coding the Tk directly is.

I've not seen many (perhaps any?) other language which allows one to
relatively simply code a few lines to get a working GUI application.