Re: Starpacks - Setting Description, Company, File Version, etc... information

kbercaw <kevinbercaw@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

A bit more information: I found hints that this data may be able to
be set using the starpack meta data. I tried the adding this header
to the file however it did not work for me.
# @@ Meta Begin
# Application "My Application" 1.0.0
# Meta Description My description
# Meta Company My company
# Meta Platform My platform
# Meta Copyright My copyright
# Meta Language My language
# @@ Meta End

I saw that meta data can also be stored in a separate file, but once I
again I can't find the wrap options for how to include the file in the

While the others have put you already in the right track let me state
that the above is TEApot metadata and as such has no connection to the
Win32 String Resources you wish to change.

So long,
Andreas Kupries <akupries@xxxxxxx>
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