Re: New Tcl/Tk RAD tool : PureTkGUI v0.8.0 is out

Strykaas Van Basten wrote:

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to PureTkGUI. This open-
source tool is aimed at making it easier for you, Tk developers, to
build Tk GUIs. Tonight is the time for the initial BETA release. See :

Do not hesitate to leave comments on SourceForge web site. I need
feedback to move on with further development.

I prefer to write comments here:

I like usability of visual editor itself, but it's not clear for new user
that he has to right-click to place new widgets. At start I was looking for
some toolbar with widgets.

While editing preference fields (such as padx, etc) modified field is marked
as red - it suggests that typed value is invalid, rather than modified. It's
just a matter of colour.

Also I'm not sure if naming widgets by .0, .1, .2, .0.1, .0.2, .0.3, etc...
is a good idea. For start it might be ok, but it should be possible to
change this, because later - in runtime - I'd like to see window path with
names in error reports.

I saw you're panning to put some user-friendly way to edit style for
individual widgets - that's excellent idea!

What about writting code related to the gui? Do you plan to provide editor
and link it with "command"/"validate" fields or event binds?

Generally I like it.
It has potential.

Pozdrawiam! (Regards!)