Re: What OO extension for 8.6?

O/H miguel sofer έγραψε:
Georgios Petasis wrote:
I have provided a crash report with a stack trace, but this provides little information. I have offered to send the crashing app to itcl developers, but I don't know if there is anyone :-). I have two crashing apps, which work fine in 8.4 & 8.5 with itcl 3.4. They crash in 8.6 with itcl 3.4, 4.0b3 & itcl-ng (which is still in development). [Ok, with itcl-ng there is no crash, but instead I am getting an error on constructor :-)]

It may be me, but I am not sure if you are trying with the itcl that is bundled with tcl cvs sources, or if you're pulling it from elsewhere.

Please use the bundled one. And do provide help in debugging.

I am using itcl from CVS server:

Isn't this the bundled with tcl version?