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drscrypt@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
I thought there must be an easy way to compile scripts since it happens by default.

But ... compiling to bytecodes will not buy you much.

If you are after performance: precompiled scripts take longer to load than the original takes to compile, so it will actually be a perf loss.

OTOH, if you are trying to hide your sources, the standard compiler will not do - it keeps a copy of the source.

When I distribute a script and the end users receive it, I want to discourage them from editing it. Plain ascii just challenges the users to open and hack things. So, I can give them just the compiled script without any concern. (Not as app's either because these are small scripts, there are many of them and by themselves alone they do nothing.)

This is what the AS compiler is for. You only need to buy one license for yourself. The end users can use the "compiled" files. You can also deliver the runtime (i.e. tbcloader) as part of your executable.

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