Re: Weird tdom bug?

On Mar 3, 10:41 am, "Donal K. Fellows"
<donal.k.fell...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 3 Mar, 08:33, Alexandre Ferrieux <alexandre.ferri...@xxxxxxxxx>

For those of us unfamiliar with Tdom, can you explain the difference ?
Isn't it the same value stored in the same local variable in both
cases ?

At a guess, it's setting an unset trace on the variable to perform the
cleanup of the document object (and its node tree) when the variable
goes away. Or at least that's the way I'd do it. :-)


Ah, yet another of those automagical, Feather-like, EIAS-violators
that are supposed to help us, and that we end up fighting all day
long :/