Re: building Tkpng package

On Mar 16, 1:41 pm, S...@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
On Sun, 14 Mar 2010, Mona wrote:
Now, when I am building, I get the below link errors.  Any ideas how I
can resolve these?

rm -f tkpng09.dll
link -dll -nologo -lz  C:/sbx_tcl8.5.6/third_party/tcl/tcl8.5.6/win32/
/tclstub85.lib C:/sbx_tcl8.5.6/third_party/tcl/tcl8.5.6/win32/lib/
5.lib -release -out:tkpng09.dll tkImgPNG.obj tkImgPNGInit.obj
LINK : warning LNK4044: unrecognized option '/lz'; ignored
tkstub85.lib(tkStubLib.obj) : MSIL .netmodule or module compiled with /


Always read error messages (especially from a linker) like a love letter!

Note the referenced '/lz' as an unrecognized option ...

'-lz' in a *nix based system implies that libz.[so|a|o] exists somewhere
where your linker can find it.  You will need to put the libz.dll or
whatever windows compiler will name it in a location that it can be found,
and point your linker to it an a manner consistent with object files ...


Ok, so now I have the following link line, and am linking with

link -dll -nologo /MANIFEST -lz C:/my_sandbox/third_party/tcl/
zlib-1.2.3/shared/lib/win32d/zlib1.lib C:/my_sandbox/third_party/tcl/
win32d/lib/tclstub85d.lib C:/my_sandbox/third_party/tcl/tcl8.5.6/
lib/tkstub85d.lib -debug -out:tkpng09d.dll tkImgPNG.obj

It finds the built package just fine if I I do "package require tkpng"
from the
installation directory, i.e. where tkpng09.dll is at. But, when
I try to use the package from some other folder location it complains:
“couldn't load library "C:/my_sandbox/third_party/tcl/tcl8.5.6/win32d/
lib/tkpng0.9/tkpng09d.dll": this library or a dependent library could
not be found in library path.”

Does anyone have an idea how I can resolve this?


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